Find out everything you need about Teacher training. NELTA offers both
School Based (Salaried) and University Based (Non-Salaried) training routes.

The School Direct (salaried) course suits my needs exactly; after spending years unqualified in a classroom, the course supported by NELTA has supported me to become qualified while staying in the classroom (which I love!).
I have been thoroughly supported in my department, my school and by the entire NELTA team. If I had any issues, my mentor was free to support me and offer assistance, guidance or just an ear I could rant at!
The regular training offered new ideas and supported the current ideas I had.
If you are willing and ready to throw yourself (not necessarily 'literally') in to the classroom, then I wholeheartedly recommend this course.

Jack Rosenthal, School Direct (Salaried), English

The NELTA training programme has equipped me with the knowledge and confidence to deal with various issues inside and outside of the classroom. The programme is extensive and covers many areas such as dealing with pastoral issues, the effective use of assessment and ICT, how to demonstrate progress within your lessons, and how to manage your time efficiently.

The training sessions also provide an opportunity for trainee teachers and NQTs to discuss their experiences, areas of concern and suggest new strategies to develop outstanding teaching practice. It has also encouraged me to reflect on my teaching practice during dedicated reflection time and feedback sessions.

Kate Hogan, Teacher of Philosophy and Theology

have greatly enjoyed my time on the schools direct salaried course. It places you in the classroom from day one (which is what I wanted) but still provides you with the support and training you need.

I have been very well supported by my department and the NELTA team who regularly observed my lessons and offered helpful and constructive feedback.

My mentor was able to provide constructive feedback that really helped to improve my classroom management.

The support provided through lesson observations and regular training sessions has progressed my teaching practice quickly and meant that I was able to develop into a more reflective practitioner.

I would recommend the programme to anyone who wishes to learn about the art of teaching and is willing to get stuck in.

Ashley Farrell, School Direct, Philosophy and Theology

It's the best way into teaching for someone with experience in education. A lot of basic teaching principles I had already been exposed to as an unqualified teacher, and for me, the practical approach seems a lot more beneficial than spending hours learning theory at university. Having lots of levels of support (subject mentor, uni tutor, NELTA tutor etc) is great too, as there is always another opinion to seek. With regards to the course itself, I am really enjoying it and I have been very humbled by how much I have learned this year and how far I have come.

Daniel Dean, School Direct, Geography