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Professional Development

NELTA offers a range of programmes from initial teacher training to senior leadership development

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Subject Hub

“Where teachers connect”

At an initial launch in 2014, a variety of Hubs were set up across subjects and interest areas. In 2016 we re-launched the HUBS after appointing a NELTA Subject Network Leader and started up a few new Subject Hubs (English, Sociology, Psychology, Geography, RS and Ethics, PE) as well as re-invigorated existing Hubs.

All Hub leaders were invited to a Subject Hub Leaders meeting that was very

well attended and received. The aim was to provide HUB leaders with leadership guidance as well as networking with other Hub leaders. Since then, the NELTA HUBS has had two very successful Subject Hub meetings and Hubs that attended have given feedback about how valuable these networking meetings was as a platform where teachers can connect and not only share ideas but also discuss strategies implemented in different schools to improve attainment, progress and developing the new curriculums.


The Subject Hubs meet three times a year at Beal High School or other arrange venues. These sessions provide a brief keynote speech followed by breakouts into Hubs. Recently, UEL representative Lauren Hedges delivered a keynote on Education and Community Partnerships with the university with outreach opportunities and taster classes on offer. If anyone has any questions or would like to work with the, at UEL, please contact them at

Between sessions, actions are completed ready to report at the next meeting.

Hubs have freedom to set their own agendas and scope for professional development. Each Hub has varying priorities and the Hub Lead is responsible for facilitating the upcoming agenda.

Items already discussed

• Setting up electronic methods of sharing and collaboration,
• Taking networking beyond face-to-face meetings,
• Raising attainment for A8 in year 11 and meeting progress targets for P8
• Exam board results analysis or other means to target intervention.

The next meeting will take place in the Summer term with the date and venue to be confirmed.

Subject Testimonials

Hub Leader 

“The Business and Economics network has enabled us to share what we have found to be common problems across schools. Resources have been shared of visits made to schools to look at good practice in action. The real work often takes place after the meetings either face to face or electronically.”

Forest Academy

“NELTA networks enable professionals to share good practice and play a vital part at the heart of school improvement. We have so much to learn from each other and NELTA empowers schools to make this happen.”

Hub Leader

“The MFL hub has contributed to raising the achievement of our students by being the platform for conversations on certain important topics such as interpreting data, early diagnosis and realistic target setting in Modern Languages”

Currently Operating Hubs and Hub Lead

Tim Punter


Birshen Sarica


Almira Buemio


Ronald Pillay


Ashleigh Whitley


No lead yet


Contact if interested

Nandia Nel


Bradley Cook


Bruno Mendez


Heather Roberson


Lee Vickers


Fazila Hakim


Simon Shaw


Claire Trew


Rachel Chirimuuta


Talvinder Bhullar


If you have any questions please contact Amy White at or 02085514954 ext. 429

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