Improving Outcomes

EWASS can provide all services associated with improving attendance and wellbeing of young people

Education Welfare Advisory and Support Services

The Education Welfare Advisory and Support Service is affiliated with the Beacon Academy Trust and NELTA (North East London Teaching Alliance) and is committed to the principle of improving outcomes for children and young people. We recognise the importance of young people having a safe learning and home environment. Our key priority is therefore to ensure the safety of the child by promoting regular attendance in your school.

EWASS provides training services to NELTA partners and NELTA will act as the first point of contact regarding commissioning of these services.

Specialising in School Attendance, Safeguarding and Training.

Services Available To a Local Authority

EWASS can provide all services associated with improving attendance and wellbeing of young people prior to the Local Authority exercising their statutory functions which can also include but not limited to:

  • Assistance and support in developing Penalty Notice Local Code of Conduct
  • Audit of Policies and Procedures
  • Preparation for Ofsted
  • Work associated with non-statutory intervention
  • Departmental attendance audits
  • Support, advice and guidance on statutory duties and responsibilities
  • Training staff on legal intervention
  • Assistance with implementation of effective support systems
  • Training staff on strategies to address attendance
  • Safeguarding training
  • Advice and guidance on the use of force and positive handling
  • Training packages for Governors
  • Quality Assurance of Service delivery to support families and young people
  • Truancy patrols
  • Bespoke packages
Child Protection & Training

EWASS can provide training programmes to suit the needs and requirements of organisations:

  • Accredited safeguarding training
  • Guidance on the legislative framework on use of reasonable force
  • Government requirements for Register Coding
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Positive Listening
  • Dealing with aggressive parents
  • Effective working practice for Attendance Officers to improve attendance
  • Corporate Training Packages
  • Team Building Events
  • Anti Bullying Workshops
  • Education seminars
School Attendance

EWASS can provide bespoke packages to schools and education providers tailored to the needs of the provision which can include but not limited to:

  • Attendance audits/preparation for Ofsted
  • Assistance in creating an effective school attendance policy
  • Effective models of practice to evaluate and improve attendance
  • Analysis of disproportionate/ vulnerable groups
  • Register inspections
  • Advice and training on government requirements for register coding
  • Assessment of education welfare concerns
  • School based attendance meetings
  • Implementation of school based panels to tackle truancy
  • Advice and guidance on legal interventions including completion of Section 9 witness statements in accordance with the Education Act
  • Advice and guidance on establishing professional boundaries
  • Clinical supervision and performance management of staff working to improve attendance
  • Induction sessions for NQT’s